Back to the source: saving Europe’s biodiversity starts in the ocean

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On January 14, the European Parliament’s (EP) Fisheries and Environment Committees discussed a first draft of the EP’s response to the EU’s 2030 Biodiversity Strategy, published by the European Commission in May 2020. Parliament will finalize and vote on its position in the coming months and this Strategy is fundamental to boost the EU’s ambition to halt the extreme loss of biodiversity in Europe and worldwide from 2021 onwards. With this in their mind, a group of 13 NGOs, including Sciaena, organized a briefing session for journalists to launch a joint document on EU marine biodiversity – “Back to the source: saving Europe’s biodiversity starts in the ocean”.

The document shows how the main gaps in the marine policy of the Biodiversity Strategy can be overcome and presents recommendations from NGOs for some areas. Member States have failed to achieve “good environmental status” for our seas and combined actions will push us beyond the planetary boundaries, causing irreversible changes in the ecological conditions in which Humanity has evolved and prospered.

President von der Leyen and many EU heads of state or government joined the Leaders for Nature Pledge at the United Nations Summit on Biodiversity, pledging to reverse the loss of biodiversity by 2030. The European Commission’s Biodiversity Strategy it is a model for fulfilling that promise. These and other high-level documents and agreements define the intention to transform the way we act to save life on the planet. The document “Back to the source: saving Europe’s biodiversity starts in the ocean” is a toolkit of 10 ocean-related actions that EU decision-makers, including the Commission, Member States’ ministers and MEPs can use to translate the Biodiversity Strategy and other commitments into tangible and binding actions.

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