Nicolas Blanc

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Nicolas Blanc Fisheries and Biodiversity Coordinator.

Degree in Biology from the University of Algarve and a master’s degree in Biodiversity and Marine Conservation from the University of Algarve, University of Klaipeda and University of Ghent. Always interested in marine life, he interned at an NGO for the protection of natural parks in Sint-Eustatius (Dutch Caribbean), carried out cetacean censuses between mainland Portugal, the Azores and Madeira, and worked at the Center for Marine Sciences (CCMAR) in projects related to the reduction of ecological impacts in the fishing of crustaceans and the giving value of fish. He collaborates with Sciaena since 2016, first as a volunteer and then as a technician in the area of ​​fisheries and aquaculture, also assisting in Sciaena’s contributions to the work of the Algarve Oil Free Platform (PALP).