Valentina Muñoz

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Valentina Muñoz Marine Litter and Communities

Degree in Marine Biology and Master in Conservation of Natural Resources at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. As part of her master’s thesis, using genetic analysis and bioinformatics tools, she studied the evolutionary history of Chilean penguin populations and sub-Antarctic and Antarctic regions. Between 2019 and 2020, she collaborated with a marine conservation NGO, where she realized the importance of working with people and communities using “bottom-up” approaches. Also in 2020, she founded a Chilean NGO “Fundación Mujeres de Mar” that addresses gender issues in fishing communities. She has been part of Sciaena since the end of 2021 where she works with marine litter as responsible for the Culatra – Sustainable Community project and participates in the international movement Break Free From Plastic and UNEA 5.2. for the creation of a global plastics treaty. In addition, it contributes to the characterization of the fishing activities of the AMPIC project, a Marine Protected Area of ​​Community Interest.