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About Sciaena

Sciaena is a Non-Governmental Organization that aims to promote a healthy marine environment through the promotion of sustainable ways of exploitation, the involvement of the population and political intervention.

We believe in raising awareness as a way of creating a bridge between scientific knowledge and society, valuing the opinion and activity of all stakeholders, to develop action measures and integrated strategies. We are, therefore, an open door to communication, information, training, education and knowledge.

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🔴 From 31 May to 2 June we mobilise for climate and social justice all over the EU 🇪🇺

🔥 The stakes are high in the upcoming European Elections on 6-9 June. Together #WeMakeTheFuture! 🗳

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#DeepDay: Our new report launched TODAY shows how the EU’s 🇪🇺 view on #DeepSeaMining has shifted in a short amount of time!
Read the #PressRelease:

It's #DeepDay!🥳 The #DeepSea makes up 90% of the marine environment, but just 5% of the ocean is estimated to have been explored.

There is so much to discover in the #DeepSea, but we do know it is critical for the functioning of our planet. @siankowen

The #DeepSea is a global common heritage of humankind. We can't let a few destroy its unique and critical ecosystems with activities such as #DeepSeaMining and #BottomTrawling. On this #DeepDay 🐙 learn more on how you can #DefendTheDeep: @DeepSeaConserve

🌊 Our aquatic food system is broken: it's dependent, exploitative, and wreaks havoc on society, economy, & ecology. Could algae offer a sustainable alternative? Tune in to SAR's policy officer @anne_kathleen's insights in the @Euronews #OceanCalls podcast!

🚨👏 Congratulations to the EU🇪🇺 @Europarl_EN for voting in favour of #HighSeasTreaty ratification.

Leadership by EU member states is now critical to ensure 60 ratifications required for entry into force #UNOC25. #RaceForRatification


Tomorrow, @Europarl_EN votes on a proposal that could prevent plastic pellets from polluting our environment – a key step towards the EU’s commitment to reduce #microplastic pollution by 30% by 2030.

#BeatPelletPollution #EarthDay2024

Here’s why it matters 📽️👇

A 🇪🇺 ainda não adotou a tão esperada Lei do Restauro da Natureza, apesar do apoio de cidadãos, @Europarl_EN, cientistas, empresas e 19 Estados-Membros.

📣 @EUCouncil e @EU2024BE: é urgente resolver o impasse e adotar a nova lei antes do verão!!!


Today's #EarthDay reminds us that our battle for the Nature Restoration Law continues ✌️

Europe is the fastest-warming continent and needs solutions to protect its citizens, economy & environment.

The law to #RestoreNature is that solution!

@EUCouncil @EU2024BE


Os arrastões de fundo continuam a ser autorizados a pescar de forma destrutiva em águas portuguesas protegidas e estão a colocar o carocho em grave risco. Incitar a @EU_Commission a acabar com esta prática nas áreas marinhas protegidas.. #BanBottomTrawling

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