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About Sciaena

Sciaena is a Non-Governmental Organization that aims to promote a healthy marine environment through the promotion of sustainable ways of exploitation, the involvement of the population and political intervention.

We believe in raising awareness as a way of creating a bridge between scientific knowledge and society, valuing the opinion and activity of all stakeholders, to develop action measures and integrated strategies. We are, therefore, an open door to communication, information, training, education and knowledge.

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Want to know how ecosystem based fisheries management can contribute decisively to a biodiverse and resilient NE Atlantic🌊? See you in Reykjavik 🇮🇸 or online next Tuesday! (26/09)



Sign this petition and help us to push Environment, Fisheries and Defense Ministers around the Baltic Sea to put in place concrete and urgent conservation measures to #SaveTheBalticPorpoise! @CCBnetwork

Join us on the 26th of September, in Reykjavik, to gain a better insight on how ecosystem based fisheries management is crucial to secure and support biodiversity on the NE Atlantic Ocean.

@pewtrusts @Landvernd

Registration below 👇

Join @Sciaena_NGO @PewTrusts @Landvernd to hear how Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management is critical to the health and sustainability of the Northeast Atlantic ocean. Sep 26. RSVP here. #MakeEBFMWork
@PewEnvironment @PewEurope @Eventbrite

🎣 Fishing pressure in the Northeast Atlantic is taking a toll on marine ecosystems.

It's time for fisheries managers to prioritize holistic fisheries management. The health of our ocean depends on it.

Join us for upcoming hybrid @fishx__project conference!

Experts across policymaking, maritime authorities, fisheries, technology, science, and civil society sectors will explore the new tech reshaping EU small-scale fisheries.

Register here by 21 Sept:

Join us on 27 Sept for the first @fishx__project conference!

✔️ Explore digitalisation of small-scale fisheries
✔️ Discuss the role of tech to support sustainable #fisheries
✔️Hear from experts in EU policy, fisheries, tech, civil society & more


Join our event live stream Sep 26 to hear how Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management is critical to the long-term health and sustainability of Northeast Atlantic fisheries.

This will be a public event in Iceland with online live stream.

⏳@vonderleyen: EU elections are coming & your #EUGreenDeal is at stake!
✊Don’t give up on your promise to EU citizens to provide healthy & sustainable food for all!
📢 We need a Sustainable #FoodSystems Law, NOW!
#GoodFood4EU #EUFarm2Fork

Dear international friends and partners. Disastrous floods have hit Slovenia causing the biggest natural catastrophe in recent history. Any donation via PayPal ( will help to rebuild the consequences of unimaginable devastation. Thank you! 💚

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Culture, Sports and Sustainability Festival of Culatra Island


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All help is welcome since all of it is needed to save the ocean and its ecosystems. At Sciaena there are different ways to help. Join us as a volunteer or be a partner through your donation.