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18 Oct

New OSPAR Report demonstrates urgent need to address fisheries impacts on ecosystems

In a critical plea, 23 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have issued a letter to fisheries ministers of the coastal states, urgently demanding action to protect the fragile marine environment of the Northeast Atlantic.

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17 Oct

European Parliament votes to bring EU fisheries into the digital era

After no less than 5 years of negotiations, the European Parliament has voted in favour of adopting the new EU fisheries Control Regulation.

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27 Sep

Stakeholders Meet in Reykjavík to Discuss Future of Northeast Atlantic Fisheries

Urge adoption of “Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management” by international managers at upcoming decision-making meetings

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05 Sep

Start of the use case in the Algarve within the scope of the Fish-X project

This summer, we started the Fish-X use case in the Algarve. It is a European project, which aims to develop 2 digital platforms that could serve as a basis for monitoring fisheries and using data to identify hotspots, areas with a high risk of capturing threatened species, among others.

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12 Jul

European Parliament adopts law on Nature Restoration: Despite low ambition, hope remains for Ocean restorarion

The European Union’s efforts to move forward its green agenda received a boost today [12 July] as the European Parliament adopted its position on the EU Nature Restoration Law (NRL).