“Ocean planning in the age of climate change” with Catarina Frazão Santos

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On March 4, between 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm GMT, Sciaena will host the webinar “Ocean planning in the age of climate change”, with Catarina Frazão Santos.

Catarina Frazão Santos is a Research Scientist and Lecturer at the University of Lisbon, a Researcher at MARE, and a Visiting Researcher at NOVA-SBE. Her research focuses on ocean planning, management and policy, aiming to develop interdisciplinary work to support ocean sustainability. She is currently leading a team of international scientists under project OCEANPLAN, on how marine spatial planning can be affected by and adapt to global climate change. 

Her latest publication, “Integrating climate change in ocean planning“, was published in Nature Sustainability.

This webinar is part of Sciaena’s growing commitment to organize meaningful discussions and generate awareness about pressing marine conservation issues.

The webinar will be in English and participation is free, but registration must be done through this link.

For more information, follow the updates about the event here.

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