“Recovery of tropical marine benthos and fisheries resource after a trawl ban” with Kenneth Leung

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On April 14, between 11:00 am and 12:30 pm (mainland Portugal time), a Sciaena will organize a webinar entitled “Recovery of tropical marine blessings and fishing resources after a trawling ban” with Kenneth Leung, director of State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution at City University of Hong Kong and Chair Professor of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Recently, Leung published the scientific paper “Recovery of tropical marine benthos after trawling ban demonstrates link between abiotic and biotic changes“, which results show that the imposition of a trawling ban can be an effective measure for the conservation of biodiversity in tropical coastal waters.

Professor Leung is very interested in looking for ways to protect the marine environment and conserve biodiversity and his long-term career goal and to improve environmental quality through science and education.

This webinar is part of a cycle of webinars organized by Sciaena as a way to promote public debate on key topics for our oceans.

The webinar will be in English and participation is free, but registration must be done through this link.

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