Reframing the sustainable seafood narrative – webinar with Dr. Michael Tlusty

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Next Monday, June 15, at 14:00 (3PM CEST), Sciaena will host a new webinar through Zoom under the title of “Reframing the seafood sustainable narrative” where we our keynote speaker will be Dr. Michael Tlusty, an associate Professor of Sustainability and Food Solutions, School for the Environment of the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Much of Dr. Tlusty’s work in seafood is working with certification systems to improve them, and has recently published the first theoretical model for how certification can improve seafood production. Michael Tlusty has also published in 2019 the scientific paper that gives the name to this webinar. 

Sciaena has been conducting this series of webinars as a way to promote public debate on key issues for our society and our oceans.

The webinar will be held in English and the registration is free, but it must be made to in order for the attendees to receive instructions for participation.

For more information, follow the event updates here.

The recording of the webinar can be found here.

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