Sciaena joins the campaign “Jobs for the climate”

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Sciaena supports the campaign “Jobs for the climate” (“Empregos para o Clima”), a campaign that aims to fight precarious work and climate and fight for a socially just and environmentally sound world.
The climate crisis took place, bringing with it several other crises of various kinds, such as a social crisis, whose tendency will be a progressive worsening. All of these crises are deeply intersectional, acting intensely on the most disadvantaged and, consequently, most unprotected population. The current economic system that promotes an unlimited expansion, exploiting the natural environment and people, tests and reaches the planetary limits and of what is the capacity for the regeneration of ecosystems and the resources that these can provide us.

The campaign existes in Portugal since 2015 and has already collected the support of several environmental and labor associations. It intends to represent, joining environmental associations and social partners, that the massive and short-term creation of public initiative jobs can help in the direct fight against climate change.

In this context, the report “Jobs for the climate” was published in 2017, of which an updated version will be published soon. The report is a simplified summary of a compilation of technical texts and political reflections that explain how basic motivating and defining ideas for this campaign, describing the details of what may be applicable to the Portuguese context: how many jobs, in which sectors, how to finance them and which are the impacts. These jobs are expected to promote a fair transition to a low carbon economy. The data further demonstrate that in order to reduce national greenhouse gas deviations by 60-70% over the next 15 years, it will be necessary to create 120-160 000 jobs in various sectors of the economy.

Measures required for a fair ecological transition:

# 1. Requalify for the Transition
# 2. Public renewable energy
# 3. More railroad
# 4. National electric road
# 5. Urban mobility built
# 6. Energy autonomy in public buildings
# 7. Things made to last
# 8. Meatless day
# 9. Thirty-two hours a week
# 10. Defend a forest

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