Sciaena launches new project – Culatra – Comunidade Sustentável

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The “Culatra – Comunidade sustentável” (sustainable community) project is promoted by the Associação de Moradores da Ilha da Culatra (Association of Residents of Culatra Island) in partnership with Sciaena and Make it Better and is financed by the “Cidadãos Ativ@s” (active citizens) Programme, as part of the initiative “Culatra 2030 – Comunidade Energética sustentável” (Sustainable Energetic Community), led by the University of the Algarve.

The aim of this project is to create opportunities for the sustainable development of Culatra Island through the implementation of an integrated programme of actions aimed to information sharing, awareness, training and capacity building addressed to the local community.

We work along with local civil society organizations, the youth community and residents of the Island. The efforts will be oriented towards different target groups: agents of the sea economy (namely fishermen, shellfish shore-gatherers and maritime tourism agents); the local economy agents and visitors of the island.

Sciaena’s role, besides transferring its knowledge in terms of circularity, good environmental practices, and civic participation, is to bring people and institutions to the island that can speak on their own behalf about the experiences and initiatives they develop, adapting the activities to Culatra’s reality.

The integrated and comprehensive plan of action – with a scientific and simplified approach, adapted to the context of intervention of each target group – is based on knowledge sharing directed towards an easier appropriation and, by practicing effective empowerment, enabling each target groups to become more aware, to take a firmer stand and to participate more in action plans towards sustainability. This will be even more important when impacting young people, ensuring the continuity of the empowerment logic and the integration of circular economy principles and community sharing.

You can find out more about the project’s news and initiatives here.

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