Sciaena organizes webinar with researcher Marisa Vedor about blue and mako sharks

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Sciaena gets back in the webinar world, with an event regarding an ever more pressing issue – the threats sharks are up against, namely blue and mako sharks, with the special participation of researcher Marisa Vedor.

The webinar, entitled “Movements and behaviour of two widely distributed sharks at risk from fishing”, will focus on blue and mako sharks migratory patterns, and the relationship of these with climate change and fisheries. This online event is part of Sciaena’s growing commitment to organize meaningful discussions and generate awareness about pressing marine conservation issues.

Marisa Vedor is a marine biologist and researcher at CIBIO/In-BIO studying, among other subjects, the migration of blue and mako sharks through satellite tagging, and comparing movements, physiology and predator behaviour applied to climate change and fisheries. In this webinar we’ll talk about her findings and what lies ahead for these two emblematic shark species and what can be done to protect them.

The webinar and subsequent discussion will take place on February 24, Wednesday, at 14.30 GMT (15.30 CET) and the registration is free. To register please follow the link provided here. More information about the event and possible updates can be found hereThis webinar will be held in English. 

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