Sciaena submitted its contribution to the “Strategic Vision for the Economic Recovery Plan 2020-2030”

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Sciaena – Oceans # Conservation # Awareness has submitted today its contribution to the document “Strategic Vision for the Economic Recovery Plan 2020-2030”, a document by António Costa Silva, from July 21, 2020, that aims at framing the options and priorities that should guide the recovery of the adverse economic effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Among other aspects, Sciaena pointed out the need to exclude from the document all mentions to deep sea mining, given the substantial impacts that the activity would generate and due to the fact that it does not serve the sustainable development purposes that Portugal wants to achieve. Sciaena proposes that a decree-law is created suspending deep sea mining and approves a moratorium on the activity along the lines described and similar to that of the European Parliament. We believe that this moratorium could give Portugal the real ability to lead at European and global level showing a new vision and relationship with the Ocean, essential and urgent to deal with the climate and biodiversity crisis that we face.

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