Sustainable seafood and large-scale fishing of endangered species – Webinar with Leslie Roberson

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On November 16, at 11am CET, Sciaena gets back to its webinars with guest Leslie Roberson, a researcher and PhD candidate in the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science of the University of Queensland, Australia, for a conversation on how fishing pressure is further endangering threatened species.
Leslie is interested in bridging fisheries management and marine conservation and her current research investigates fisheries interactions as key drivers of extinction risk of marine vertebrate species. More recently, Leslie was the author of the scientific paper “Over 90 endangered fish and invertebrates are caught in industrial fisheries”, published on Nature Communications, where she and her co-workers analyzed global fisheries catch and import data and found reported catch records of 91 globally threatened species. Portugal was found to be the second country catching the highest number of threatened species, only behind Spain, catching almost 6 times more than the average.
Sciaena therefore returns to promoting and organizing webinars as a way to engage the public on key issues for our society and our oceans.
The webinar will be held in english and attendance is free, though registration is needed and can be done through this link.
For further information, please keep up to any news about this event here.
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